How to Checkmate Ransomware Threat Actors with Red/Blue Team Training | The Cybrary Podcast Ep. 83

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About the episode

Ransomware attacks impacted 66% of organizations in 2021. As threat actor groups like FIN7 take advantage of expanded networks, security weaknesses, and human trust, it's more important than ever to keep up with their level of prowess. Cybrary's "enterprise defender," Owen Dubiel, and "chief thief," Matt Mullins, discuss how their cybersecurity work experiences informed their Ransomware for Financial Gain course campaign modeled after FIN7's techniques. Follow each part of their attack scenario that lets you emulate adversaries before enhancing your detections to reduce your risk of being the next ransomware victim. Why choose between the red and blue teams when you can do both?

Will Carlson, Owen Dubiel, Matt Mullins

53 min

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