Tony Ramirez

Senior Application Security Analyst

Tony Ramirez has a Masters in Cybersecurity and Forensics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. During his tenure at NowSecure, he has performed thousands of mobile app penetration tests for customers.

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About Tony Ramirez

Tony Ramirez has his masters in cyber security and forensics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He published research in Android tools for bypassing certificate pinning. At the time, very few apps performed certificate pinning and the tools that existed didn’t always work, with the exception of those that did dynamic instrumentation. He also published research on MP4 steganography. Tony has since deepened his expertise of mobile app security and privacy best practices through the thousands of mobile app penetration tests he has performed for customers during his tenure at NowSecure.

In his Mobile App Security course, you'll learn how to crawl, walk, then run in mobile app security testing, with an end goal of having all the tools and knowledge necessary to become a mobile appsec expert. Ultimately, all mobile appsec experts have to start somewhere. If you start off on the right foot, there's no telling what vulnerabilities you may uncover and how your career can grow!