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Tino Sokic

CEO at DobarDan

I am a Systems Enginner and Security Professional

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About Tino Sokic

I am a security professional and a systems engineer (read: geek). The combination of various IT certifications and my attendance of law school has generated one great love to Cyber Security. I have spent most of my IT career acquiring knowledge and skills in large systems as well as working with customers as an entrepreneur and CEO of my own company. I am proud of my/our website (Croatian: classroom) which is the biggest regional website that provides free tutorials and how to’s about technology. I really enjoy doing Security Awareness trainings, IT workshops, seminars, speaking at conferences and vulnerability testing. I have worked as a network and security engineer at one of the biggest Croatian Motorway companies from which I have developed my love for cyber security and raising the global security awareness. In my private time I play the guitar and sing - actually I do a gig once or twice a year at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Besides playing, I enjoy reading, recreational running, walking my little Yorkie and traveling with my wife.

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