Skyler Gehman

Skyler Gehman

Cyber Operations Specialist

I am a Cyber Operations Specialist in the US Army. I am passionate about open source cybersecurity tools and platforms, as well as teaching others how to integrate them into their environments. I also enjoy using Software Defined Radios and Single Board Computers to build covert wireless penetration devices for a variety of applications and protocols. I have had the opportunity to compete in several Capture the Flag events with DoD partners and allies and enjoy being able to collaborate and learn from people in my field from all over the globe.

About Skyler Gehman

In my job as a Defensive Network and Host Analyst, I deploy network security monitors (NSM’s) as well as host intrusion detection (HID) agents, and I monitor the health and security of enterprise networks in the DoD. I also perform forensic analysis of compromised host systems, as well as static and dynamic analysis of malware.

I am a graduate of the DoD’s Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC), where I learned the fundamentals of cybersecurity, as well as more advanced concepts like Offensive Cyber Operations, Digital Forensics, and Information Warfare. I then graduated from the US Army’s Cyber Operations Course, where I built upon the fundamentals taught in JCAC in several months of practical Offensive and Defensive cyber operations simulations. I earned my Security+ certification from Comptia in 2020 and completed the DoD Cyber Crime Center’s Defense and Counter Infiltration course in 2021. I am currently pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, as well as my CySA+, CASP+, and CEH certifications. I enjoy cybersecurity because of the openness and collaborative spirit of all of the professionals in this field. In cybersecurity, there is always more to learn, and always someone willing to teach it to you. It’s been very meaningful to me to have the opportunity to teach technical skills to new learners who can use that knowledge to better themselves, and those around them.

I’m an avid science fiction fan, with some of my favorite books being Dune, Shadow of Ender, Neuromancer, and Heart of Darkness.