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Salman Haider

Cyber Security Assessnent Analyst at Bank of Canada

I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in computer science but with a specialization in information security. I have been a cyber security teaching assistant at my university and am also preparing for a few security certifications. Additionally, my Co-op/Internship is in cyber security through which I have been working on a variety of projects.

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About Salman Haider

Hi! My name is Syed Salman Haider and I am currently a student studying computer science at university. I have been an active member in the tech community and love teaching/learning on a regular basis. I am also currently doing my Co-op/Internship in cyber security and have developed a strong passion for it. I love attending hackathons as well as participating in athletic competitions to stay fit and healthy. On a side note just to give you an idea of my background, I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and have lived in Germany and as well as England for a few years. Staying out of my comfort zone and continuously getting challenged to work on new things is something I love to do since it really helps me with my career development and allows me to develop a strong work ethic and habits that I believe will take me far during the course of my life.

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