Natasha Staples

Natasha Staples

Incident Response Security Engineer at Arrow Electronics

I’m a Senior Security Analyst and Splunk Admin based in Denver, Colorado. I got my start in IT by writing technical documentation and running cables, and then, with the help of Cybrary, eventually made my way into cybersecurity.

About Natasha Staples

In past lives, I’ve worked in construction, taught swimming lessons, copy edited textbooks, assisted special needs students, and tutored at a community center, among other things. I’m passionate about how education can change lives, and I love helping people strategically develop their talents. In my free time, you might find me snowshoeing in the mountains, watching SciFi shows (The Twilight Zone and Star Trek are my go-tos), or attending poetry slams.

I’m currently finishing up a master’s degree in IT with an emphasis on Information Systems Security, as well as working in the field.