Kevin Mayo

Kevin Mayo

Director of Cybersecurity

I am the Director of Cybersecurity and an Enterprise Architect for a leading Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya reseller and integrator in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I have been supporting Information Technology systems in the Enterprise for more than twenty years.

About Kevin Mayo

I love IT and I am dazzled by technology! All my peers that I have the privilege to work with say “I like to take tests” as I currently have almost 40 IT certifications. I am not a fan of taking tests but rather, I am passionate about teaching, learning, and sharing (TLS is not just a method of crypto), the technology we ride every day on this super information highway.

I am blessed to be in some of the most of complex, challenging, and innovative networks in the Pacific Northwest. I will be engaged in the same week work with a state agency that has 20,000 nodes in its network and needs help securing their infrastructure; with a credit union that has branch locations across the United States seeking to expand its data center capabilities; and a City IT organization trying to expand its wireless network to support emerging Internet of Things IoT.

As an Enterprise Architect and a Director of Cybersecurity, I get to work with organization’s in almost every technology pillar and silo in their IT organization – Enterprise Collaboration, Data Center, Security, Enterprise Networking, Wireless, and Cloud Services and Cloud Migration.

I get asked by organizations all of the time “what do you want to do?” And, “what do you want to specialize in?” My answer is always the same, “All of it! I want to learn and be in it all because if it moves packets and forward frames, I want to be a part of it!”