Josh Moulin

Since 2003, Josh Moulin has been helping people and organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500's and the U.S. military understand complex technology and cybersecurity challenges.

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About Josh Moulin

Josh’s career includes eleven years in law enforcement with the last seven as the commander of a cybercrimes task force and accredited digital forensics lab, five years in national security as a CIO and CISO within the US Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons enterprise, and three years as an Executive Partner at Gartner, the world’s largest research and advisory company.

Josh has performed over 1000 analyses of digital evidence in criminal, civil, and administrative cases, has been qualified as an expert witness numerous times in state and federal court, and has overseen more than 3700 cyber incident responses. Josh is frequently called upon to present globally on security, risk, technology, and leadership topics, he holds a Master of Science Degree in Information Security and Assurance and has his CAWFE, CEH, CFCE, CHFI, CISSP, CNDA, DFCP, GCFA, GCIA, and GSEC certifications.