Jason Edwards

Cybersecurity Principal

Jason is a distinguished cybersecurity researcher and author with a rich tapestry of experience spanning various sectors such as technology, finance, insurance, and energy. He holds a Doctorate in Management, Information Systems, and Cybersecurity.

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About Jason Edwards

My professional journey has taken me through senior roles at organizations like Amazon, USAA, Brace Industrial Group, Argo Group, and the US Army, where my contributions have been instrumental in safeguarding critical infrastructures and formulating robust cybersecurity strategies. Besides my corporate endeavors, I carry the proud badge of being a combat veteran, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. My passion for knowledge sharing sees me as an adjunct professor and an author whose focus predominantly lies in cybersecurity. I have a BS, MS, and a Doctorate specializing in Cybersecurity Regulatory Risk and Compliance. I learned to program on an Apple 2E and have been in love with computer science ever since.

Living in San Antonio, Texas, I am blissfully married to my beautiful wife, Selda. We are blessed with four exceptional children, aged 12 to 25, consisting of a son and three daughters who are the light of our lives. Our household is always full of life and joy, with our children and three adorable dogs - two lovely Maltese and a spirited Beagle.