Igor Vieira

Information Security Analyst

I work in Incident Response and I believe that in order to defend, you need to know how to attack!

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About Igor Vieira

I started my IT career after I attended a computer maintenance school in the 90’s. During that time I made money fixing computers and building local networks. I attended a university to get my Electrical Engineering degree and after a few years, I started as a trainee at a software company, a programming and helpdesk job.

A few months after graduation I joined a company as System Analyst. After a few months, I went back to infrastructure, moved from Fortaleza to São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, and started to work as a Network Analyst. After 6 years, I moved to the security team. Now, I work as an incident responder and I love it. There are many challenges of being on the defense side and this keeps me motivated.

I believe that education can change people's lives. I am very happy and excited that I get this opportunity and am willing to share as much as knowledge as possible.