Dave Kupratis

I am a dedicated IT Developer with multiple SAP certifications and have worked for various corporations (always part of the Senior IT-team) as well as having my own LLC consulting business on the side.

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About Dave Kupratis

At present my LLC is in which I have at present put off, due to my excitement and ambition for all Cybrary students. While going through my MBA I realized that Education is highly important. Also I have gained a very good understanding of how IT-Certifications also play a “key” role in having one perform and advancing in their career path. I also am an avid iOS and Android developer with a focus on web-development. I love teaching and learning Cyber-Security and am currently aiming for all of the EC-Council exams as well as AWS, GCP and Azure. I have completed 4 full SDLC (Software Developer Life Cycles) and have traveled abroad. I highly enjoy teaching and interacting with students from all areas and cultures which helps us all progress.