Cybrary Challenges

Flex your cybersecurity skills in a lab environment with fun, gamified challenges designed for practitioners at all levels. New challenges are released monthly. Create an account to try FREE Cybrary challenges!

Practice and Play with Cybrary Challenges

Prove you have what it takes to tackle cybersecurity threats with fun, interactive challenges designed for professionals at all skill levels.
Cybrary Challenges are unguided, capture-the-flag style experiences where you can test your abilities in practice environments designed to emulate real-world scenarios you might encounter as a security practitioner.
Tackle cryptography, password cracking, lateral movement, and more - challenge yourself today!

Find CySeeker's Clues to Unlock Exclusive Challenges and Prizes

Discover hidden clues in images, text, source code, etc. in each weekly challenge to unlock exclusive challenges and solve CySeeker's requests. Solve all of CySeekers requests to recieve Cybrary prize packages. Start searching today - create a free account to enroll for Cybrary Challenges!

Challenge Yourself

Cybrary Challenges contain short courses designed to test the security skills of practitioners at all levels. There may be hints, but Cybrary Challenges do not have instructions. Select a challenge below to learn more and enroll.

Empower Your Team, Protect Your Organization

Empower your team to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats with Cybrary. Request a demo today for access to hands-on practice labs, assessments, custom content, and more.