Virtualization is inevitable. It is everywhere and will remain everywhere for many years to come. This course covers all the important concepts of virtualization with a focus on the important components and features of VMware’s virtualization platform, enough to get you up to speed on this amazing product. In this course we will begin by defining virtualization, the concept of virtual machines, and introduce VMware vSphere. Next, we will deep dive into vSphere core components: The hypervisor…

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This course requires you to have a basic level of computer and networking literacy. You should know the hardware components of a computer/server and Layer2/Layer3 networking concepts.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Carry basic administration tasks in a vSphere environment
  • Configure basic networking and storage in a vSphere environment
  • Manage virtual machines
  • Configure availability and resource load balancing in a vSphere environment

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Yacine Benbelkacem

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Certificate of Completion

Certificate Of Completion

Complete this course and earn a VMware Foundations Certificate of Completion