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Our online Virtualization Management training course will teach you how to effectively implement, manage and maintain a virtual computing environment for several business applications.

About Virtualization Management Training

Virtualization Management refers to the deployment, updating, monitoring and maintenance of virtualized applications. Virtualization is vital to the modern organization because it allows it to run various applications simultaneously on a single server. VMWare is the most recognizable name in the field, and their VCP certification carries great value.

Our self-paced online Virtualization Management training class focuses on installing, configuring and managing virtualization software. You'll learn how to work your way around the cloud and how to build the infrastructure for it. Additionally, you'll gain exposure to the primary platforms and learn how to manage access control, resource usage and apply patches to the software in case of issue. This training is designed with the industry's top certification exams in mind. Learn how to support your company's virtual infrastructure with this Virtualization Management training.

This class is not VMWare authorized.

Get a Certificate of Completion

Requirements: Tools Used

VMWare Workstation or VMWare Player

Win 7 or 8 VM & Server 2008 or 2012 VM

Trial versions of Windows OS work fine

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About the Virtualization Management Certification

Currently, the most popular certification around virtualization is the VMWare VCP. The VCP is administered through Pearson VUE test centers and in order to be eligible for the exam, you may need to seek VMWare approval.

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What is Virtualization Management?

Virtualization management is the overseeing and administration of the tasks and processes involved in a virtualization environment. It involves the collective methods, technologies, and tools that are needed to ensure authority and management over an organization's virtualized infrastructure.

Virtualization management is usually performed from a virtual machine manager utility or application. The purpose of virtualization management is to make sure that virtual machines provide services and computing operations as they should. This may include processes like:

  • Creating, deleting, and modifying virtual machines, networks, or the whole infrastructure.
  • Ensuring that virtual machine software stays updated.
  • Establishing and maintaining the connectivity across virtualization environments.
  • Monitoring and managing the performances of virtual machines and the virtualization environment.

What Does the Virtualization Management Course Entail?

In the IT industry, virtualization is a technology that isn't going anywhere. Virtual platforms, storage devices, and network resources are constantly becoming more advanced. Our virtualization management training course is beneficial to everyone, from beginners in the virtualization field, to experienced professionals – regardless of your company's choice of vendor – because it will provide you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to succeed in a virtualized environment.

This self-paced virtualization management training is centered on installing, configuring, and managing virtualization software. Additionally, you will learn:

  • Foundational knowledge of primary virtualization platforms
  • How to maintain access control, manage resource usage, and application of patches to software in the event of issues
  • How to support your organization's virtual infrastructure

Whether you desire an increase to your earning potential in your current position, or you are looking to begin a new career, the virtualization management course will provide you with the knowledge and widely sought-after skills that are required to succeed.

This course is not VMWare authorized. It consists of 14 hrs. and 32 min. of total clock time, and upon completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Take this VMWare Training Course?

Virtualization is a must-have skill set in today's IT market, and the job opportunities available for virtual-related roles have continued to be high on the list in the job market. That means that virtualization knowledge and skills is beneficial for nearly any IT professional, but especially for those who work with networks, systems, or IT architecture an infrastructure.

This training course is ideal for any new or experienced IT professional who is looking to gain knowledge in virtualization and who wishes to perform virtualization-related tasks within his or her organization. Additionally, professionals in the following roles will find this training advantageous to their organizations and careers:

  • System engineers
  • System administrators
  • System integrators
  • System analysts
  • Software engineers
  • Network administrators
  • Server administrators
  • Cloud and virtualization product managers
  • Infrastructure architects

What are the Benefits of Taking VMWare Training Online?

There are many reasons to take the virtualization management training course. It is a key skill set to have if you work with networks, IT infrastructure and architecture. Some of the additional benefits include

  • It's a lucrative choice of career. In fact, IT professionals with cloud computing and virtualization certifications can expect to earn an average salary of $113,000 annually.
  • The playing field is wide open. Because there is an abundance of IT needs, and not enough professionals to fill them, there is zero unemployment in the IT field – including virtualization professionals.
  • It enhances your resume. Having proven virtualization skills on your resume demonstrates that you can successfully implement and manage crucial virtualization technologies to achieve the organization's business goals.

Is There a Virtualization Management Certification?

There is a certification for the VMWare VCP, and it carries great value in the IT industry. The VCP is given by Pearson VUE test centers. You may be required to obtain VMWare approval to be eligible for the certification exam.