Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator

Prepare for your exam by taking this Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator course taught by a Splunk Professional Services Consultant. Learn license management, configuration, monitoring, and how to get data into Splunk, so you can demonstrate your ability to support the daily administration and health of a Splunk Enterprise environment.

Course Content

Course Description

This course is intended to prepare a Splunk Professional to take the Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator certification.

We will go over all the different Splunk components that may be in a Splunk deployment, how Splunk licensing works, the configuration files that determine how Splunk works under the hood, the indexing process, managing users, authentication, and authorization in Splunk, configuring forwarders, ingesting data from a variety of different sources, and how to tune data inputs to enhance performance, reporting, and user experience.

Target audience

This course is intended for Splunk professionals that currently hold a Splunk Power User certification and have 1+ years of Splunk experience.


  • Splunk Power User
  • Basic understanding of Linux and Windows system administration
  • Basic understanding of computer networking
  • Course Goals

    By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Pass the Splunk Core Certified Administrator Exam
  • Understand Splunk Components and Deployments
  • Ingest Data into Splunk
  • Manage Splunk Clients and Deploy Apps
  • * Understand and Configure Splunk Authentication and Authorization

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    Instructed by

    Anthony Fecondo

    I consider myself a professional problem solver and technology tinkerer. I enjoy being put in challenging situations that require me to learn a new tool or system quickly. I work best when I’m setup with a problem and a test environment and can tinker to my heart’s content!

    I started work as a SOC analyst, progressed to a position as a SIEM content developer, then SIEM engineer, before finally moving to my current position as a Splunk Professional Services Consultant.

    The combination of deep technical knowledge, love of learning, and love of communicating come together quite nicely to produce a desire to teach. I want to be able to give back to the people in the infosec community and teaching is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

    In addition to my personal opinion of Cybrary and my desire to teach, I also saw producing educational material in the Cyber Security space as a wonderful opportunity to build my brand, establish my expertise, and to positively affect more people in the industry.

    In my free time, I spend a lot of time in the gym (fun fact, I used to be a certified personal trainer!) or reading books. I love fantasy, personal development, and obviously an educational technical book on occasion. My favorite book of all time is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. If you love beautiful prose, engaging characters, and being swept into another land by the magic of words, I could not recommend it more highly! I am a big PC person. I love building them, gaming (mostly single player RPG games like Zelda, Elder Scrolls, the Witcher, etc.), and doing random lab work.

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    Complete this entire course to earn a Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator Certificate of Completion