Spearphishing Attachment and PowerShell

Phishing is one of the top techniques leveraged in breaches today, and adversaries use it to send malicious attachments to targeted users. PowerShell is a powerful scripting tool that adversaries can exploit to perform recon and run executables. You will detect these adversary techniques and discover ways to mitigate them.

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Detection, Validation, and Mitigation (Lab)


Spearphishing Attachment and PowerShell
What is PowerShell?


Spearphishing Attachment and PowerShell
What is Spearphishing Attachment?


Spearphishing Attachment and PowerShell
Course Description

PowerShell enables system administrators to perform a seemingly endless array of tasks on the machines in their environment, whether locally or remotely. PowerShell is also present on all modern Windows operating systems by default, making it a convenient attack vector if not properly secured.

Get the hands-on skills you need to detect and mitigate this attack in Cybrary's MITRE ATT&CK Framework courses aligned to the tactics and techniques used by financially motivated threat group FIN7. Prevent adversaries from accomplishing the tactic of Execution into your environment today.

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Master Instructor
Matthew Mullins

Matt has led multiple Red Team engagements, ranging from a few weeks to a year and covering multiple security domains. Outside of Red Teaming, Matt is also a seasoned penetration tester with interests in: AppSec, OSINT, Hardware, Wifi, Social Engineering, and Physical Security. Matt has a Master's degree in Information Assurance and an exhaustive number of certifications ranging from frameworks, management, and hands-on hacking. Matt is a Technical SME at Cybrary, focusing on Adversarial Emulation and Red Teaming for course content.

Owen Dubiel

Owen is certified in the GIAC GSEC, CompTIA CySA+, and various other vendor-related certifications. He works both as a technical security engineer and as an SME architect instructor in his spare time. Spreading the word of cyber security is a passion of his. Owen lives in Southeast Michigan with his beautiful wife, daughter, and his dog, Thor. In his free time, Owen enjoys watching sports and movies, and spending time with his family.

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