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Social Engineering and Manipulation – Exploitation of the Human Element

Social engineering has been the cause of many of the most high profile cyber-attacks in recent years. The human element is too often the problem. In this online, self-paced Social Engineering and Manipulation training class, you will learn how some of the most elegant social engineering attacks take place. Learn to perform these scenarios and what is done during each step of the attack, from imitation through exploitation. This course is intended to help you better prepare your organization for defense of social engineering attacks, as well as how to ethically use these techniques for intelligence gathering. As a reminder, by taking this course, you agree to our terms of service.

Topics include: Intro to social engineering, exploitation lifecycle, digital information gathering, targeting, digital profile reduction, psychology of social engineering, elicitation, pretexting, cold calling, bypassing physical security, post exploitation, binary evasion and more.

Tools include: Kali Linux, Social Engineering Toolkit (SET), Google, Maltego, Scythe Framework, Recon-NG Framework, Creepy, Portable Virtual Box, Metasploit, Hyperion & Veil

Pre-requisites: This class is intended for cyber security professionals who have at least a baseline understanding of penetration testing and security policy principles. Approximately two years of experience in cyber security or Certified Ethical Hacker certification (or comparable cert) is highly recommended. If you do not meet these pre-requisites, it is recommended that you complete our Security+ and Ethical Hacker classes, before beginning.

Instructor: @polymath

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Total Clock Hours: 3 hrs, 55 mins
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  1. How this course is benefit for BSCS student for job ?

  2. Profile photo of 004500sk

    Hi Every one,

    I installed the Maltego community edition v3.1.1.2321 (maltegoComuntyEdiSetup.v3.1.1.2621) on windows 10, installation part is ok when i install but when I click to open the software like globe icon it open and says at bottom ” loading cache Objects ” then immd it closed. I keep on tried nothing to open Let me confirm the cause and solution, please.

    Anyone, have a solution, let me forward, please

  3. Not sure I like this course as it’s not all correct. Most these are not advance at all.
    They are so simple even scams or phishing is so easy any kid these days can do it.
    I’d love to see anyone on here try social engineering in real life or over the phone to gain
    personal or server information. Even if its your own work place, friend, family to test on without
    using your own user and using a new name to try get as much info as possible.

    Heck I wrote a guide on how to hack a bank without stepping foot into one and only using the computer
    to do very simple and small tasks that any 8 year old these days could do.

    Allot of these presenters only show you what whitehat hackers would do to your companys but blackhat hackers well.. they would do anything. There is such thing as dumpster driving which is social engineering.. You could even watch the kevin mitnick movie and he does allot of social engineering in that over the phone to gain secret/company files.

    Allot of ethical hacker courses don’t teach that these days for some unknown reason.

    I know a hacker that I will not say who they are.. But they hacked abc server by just a phone call as in they got root of the whole network servers by just using skype, a offshore vpn, a phone number spoof, voice changer.

    Now let me ask you all does this course tell you anything about that and how to stop it.

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