This course covers basic sniffing as part of a penetration test. Attackers and penetration testers use sniffing to analyze network packets for information.

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In this course, we focus our attention on two common tools for sniffing for penetration testing: Wireshark and TCPDump. The course is intended to be primarily hands-on, so you will need access to either the Cybrary lab environment or you will need to build out your own virtual systems for testing. We do not cover the buildout of your own virtual systems in this course. All hands-on labs for the course will have an associated step by step guide and we have also provided additional study resources with this course.

The course is focused on hands-on learning and students will need access to the Cybrary lab environment to complete the step by step labs as well as the final assessments. However, students can also choose to set up their own labs but set up and configuration of those labs will not be covered in this course.

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Ken Underhill
Master Instructor at Cybrary
Master Instructor
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Complete this course and earn a Sniffing Certificate of Completion