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Module 8: OWASP Top 10 A7 Missing Function Level Access Control

Module 13: CWE SANS Top 25 Insecure Interaction Between Components

Module 17: Active Defenses

Course Description

About Cybrary's Secure Coding Training Course

In this course, participants are introduced to the primary best practices of Secure Coding, including the following: • Lab Tools, vulnerable web apps OWASP Top 10 for 2013 • SANS Top 25 for 2011 • Active Defenses • Threat Modelling Knowing the principles behind secure coding carries a variety of benefits to individuals and employees who are writing code and building applications / software products. Some of the main benefits include: • Protection of applications • Protection of Intellectual property • Protection of Business Reputation • Government mandates (eg PCI_DSS/PA-DSS) The instructor also discusses how secure coding is important when it comes to lowering risk and vulnerabilities. Learn about XSS, Direct Object Reference, Data Exposure, Buffer Overflows, Resource Management, Active Defenses, and Threat Modeling. If you know what these vulns look like, then you will have a better chance of engineering products that prevent against them. This secure coding course is a non-language specific class that EVERY engineer should take! Instructor: @sunnywear Course Length: 9.5 hours Do you know someone who could benefit from this training class? Email them an invite and they can join you, and you earn cybytes!