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Post Exploitation Hacking

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In this free self-paced online training course, you’ll cover three main topics: Information Gathering, Backdooring and Covering Steps, how to use system specific tools to get general information, listener shells, metasploit and meterpreter scripting.

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People should educate themselves – you can get a[n] education for no money.”
– Ray Bradbury

Free Cyber Security training enables millions of otherwise capable individuals the opportunity to contribute to a field that they were previously barred from, because of their inability to pay to learn. That’s why we are all here, because we all deserve the opportunity to learn.

Increase your offensive Cyber Security knowledge with free online Post Exploitation Hacking training. This free, online self-paced training will point you in the right direction with a methodology proven to provide the best results when performing hacking activities on highly secured systems with the mission objectives in mind, a skill needed for offensive hackers to be successful in their field.

About the Online Post Exploitation Hacking Training

Post Exploitation – Persistence and Continued Access

As the name implies, Post Exploitation Hacking – Persistence and Continued Access, refers to the series of steps to be followed after breaking into a system. Offensive hacking to accomplish an objective requires ultimate stealth—but unfortunately many hackers (both script-kiddies and experienced professionals) sometimes fail to perform acts that conceal their identity and exploit their target covertly and consistently for intelligence and to accomplish the mission. In this free self-paced online training course, you’ll cover three main topics: Information Gathering, Backdooring and Covering Steps. You’ll learn about how to use system specific tools to get general information about a system and its users, how to access the compromised system at any time, and how to hide your activity from system administrators. Additionally, you’ll master how to use listener shells, metasploit and meterpreter scripting.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be ready to accomplish your intel gathering mission, the right way.

CEU / CPE: 10
Total Clock Hours: 6 hrs, 38 mins
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