This is a course about penetration testing. In this course, you’ll learn from basic to the most advanced and modern techniques to find vulnerabilities through information gathering, create and/or use exploits and be able to escalate privileges in order to test your information systems defenses.

Course Description


  • IT Background
  • Strong InfoSec knowledge
  • Ethical Hacking knowledge
  • Basic programming skills

Study Resources

  • Hack the box – Labs
  • Vulnhub – Labs
  • The Hackers Playbook – Book
  • BeeBox - Labs

Labs Used

A virtual machine with Kali Linux and machines from “vulnhub” (local lab) or “hack the box” (remote lab)

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Use passive and active reconnaissance techniques
  • Use basic and advances scanning and information harvesting techniques
  • Create code to exploit vulnerabilities
  • Use and modify public exploits
  • Recognize legit public exploits from fake exploits
  • Use several techniques to gain access to a system from both remote and local side
  • Use several techniques to escalate privileges
  • Clear your tracks
  • Create executive reports so your pentesting results can be presented to management.
  • Perform lateral and vertical jumps between systems
  • Use tunnels to compromise other computers on the network or hide your traffic.