The network mapper (NMAP) is one of the highest quality and powerful free network utilities in the cybersecurity professional's arsenal.

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Course Content
Module 5: Course Assessment

5.1Course Assessment - NMAP

Course Description

The network mapper (Nmap) is one of the highest quality and powerful free network utilities in the arsenal of cybersecurity professionals. Though this product is extremely well documented and demonstrated in many other courses, there are very few that provide a deep-dive into all its capabilities, functionality, use cases, and features. This comprehensive course will make you an expert in Nmap and arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make you a better network administrator and cybersecurity professional. Whether you are relatively new to networking, or a seasoned expert, this course will expand your knowledge and/or provide an excellent reference for using Nmap for a multitude of purposes. Are you a network administrator? Nmap can be your source for creating a detailed inventory of network assets. Are you a network security admin or incident responder? Nmap can help find the sources of almost every problem (threats, threat actors, and vulnerabilities) and help you eliminate them. Are you a penetration tester or ethical hacker? Nmap may be the single most important tool you can use to perform scanning, enumeration, banner grabbing, device fingerprinting and vulnerability scanning while evading firewalls and intrusion detection. Are you studying for a certification test? This course will provide you with detailed explanations of the most important Nmap commands and help you memorize them for test day.