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About the Online Malware Analysis / Reverse Engineering Training

If you've been looking for an intense, methodological intro training class on malware analysis, you've come to the right place. Our self-paced, online malware analysis training class provides an in-depth look into the world of malware and reverse engineering. Weaving complex methods with practical application, our training ensures the highest level of comprehension regarding identifying, isolating and defending against malware. Specifically, you'll learn how to perform dynamic and static analysis on all major files types, how to carve malicious executables from documents and how to recognize common malware tactics. You'll also learn about tools and techniques for "run time" analysis, debugging and disassembling malicious binaries and network traffic analysis. Never again will you have to worry about malware harming you or your organization, because this training will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to know to combat it. Malware doesn't have to be your problem. Start our online malware analysis training today.

CEU / CPE: 9

Total Clock Hours: 9 hrs, 10 mins

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