ISO 27001:2022 - Information Security Management Systems

Learn how to design, implement, and maintain an ISO 27001-compliant system, and prepare for an ISO 27001 certification. This updated course features a module on the changes and updates included with ISO27001:2022.

Course Content



Risks to the Success of your ISMS


Putting It All Together With a Plan
What Results are you Expecting?


Putting It All Together With a Plan
Define Objectives


Putting It All Together With a Plan
What to Prepare for the Audits


An Overview of the ISO 27001 Certification Process for Organizations
Mandatory Documentation (Recap)


An Overview of the ISO 27001 Certification Process for Organizations
High-Level Overview of the Certification Process


An Overview of the ISO 27001 Certification Process for Organizations
When are you Ready for the Certification?


An Overview of the ISO 27001 Certification Process for Organizations
Continual Improvement


Clause 10: Improvement
Management Review


Clause 9: Performance Evaluation
Internal Audits Specifically for Your ISMS


Clause 9: Performance Evaluation


Clause 7: Support
Course Description

This course provides learners with knowledge, insight and understanding of the requirements and practical activities associated with designing, implementing and maintaining an information security management system, aligned to the ISO 27001 Standard. This course will assist those seeking to better understand the standard and how to implement an ISMS practically within an organization and to prepare for the ISO 27001:2022 certification for the organization.

This course covers multiple information security terms and concepts, including documentation design, information security risk management principles and guidelines, and understanding the environment in which the organization operates, and the information security needs and expectations associated with that.

The first 11 modules go through the foundataions of the ISO27001 standard, and are aligned to the 2013 version. Module 12 covers the updates and changes included in the 2022 version.

Target Audience

This course is for IT Managers and Compliance Professionals.


An inquisitive mindset knowing the road to certification is a process that can at times be challenging, but overall rewarding. This course is for an intermediate to advanced audience who already have an understanding of cybersecurity governance and are looking to implement and get certified in ISO27001. Learners will need an understanding of their environment and assets that are in the scope of ISO27001, and the ability to take notes and create spreadsheets for data entry.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the ISMS clauses and what they entail
  • Demonstrate knowledge of an information security risk management process
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the required documentation to support an ISMS
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of an ISMS through various processes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of nonconformities and the continual improvement cycle
  • Better understanding of governance in the cyber security landscape

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    Instructed by

    Judy Winn
    Dustin Sachs

    As a recognized expert in the field of cybersecurity, Dustin has run proactive risk assessments, incident response forensics, and worked in security operation centers (CSOCs) to strengthen the security posture for his client and employers and is a trusted partner in the immediate aftermath of cyber events.

    Dustin has submitted written and oral testimony in local, state, and Federal courts. He is a frequent thought leader and speaker on a wide variety of cybersecurity matters.

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