This course will cover the basics of docker for a person with little to no prior knowledge of docker. It will start from things like setting up docker on Linux and Windows platforms. We will discuss how docker compares to other containerization platforms like kubernetes. Additionally, we will discuss what a container is, and how it compares to traditional modes of virtualization, both advantages and disadvantages. Docker commands, syntaxes and flags will be learnt to familiarize ourselves and…

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The prerequisites for this course include the ablility to operate a computer (Linux or Windows), the ability to install programs on the system, and basic command line terminal literacy. Basic knowledge of network terminology and virtualization is also recommended.

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Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand what Docker is, and what a container is
  • Understand jow Docker compares to other methods of virtualization
  • Understand the internals of Docker, terminology and architecture
  • Get Docker running on a Linux or a Windows PC
  • Get a container running, and view information pertaining to Docker and its
  • components
  • Build Docker images
  • Utilize Docker Hub
  • Understand networking in Docker
  • Understand storage in Docker
  • Understand basic usage of Docker Compose
  • Use Portainer to make managing Docker and its components easier

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Nilanka De Silva

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Certificate of Completion

Certificate Of Completion

Complete this course and earn a Intro to Docker Certificate of Completion