Intro to Burp Suite Pro

Learn to identify potential attack routes and security-related weaknesses in your web applications using Burp Suite Pro, one of the web application scanning tools preferred by security engineers and ethical hackers. This Burp Suite training course will give you the basic knowledge you need to get up and running with this tool.

50 minutes
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This Course is part of a Career Path: Become a Penetration Tester
Course Content

5.1Course Assessment - Intro to Burp Suite

Course Description

This short, online training course provides students with an introduction to scanning web applications using the Burp Suite Web Scanner Professional Edition. Upon completion, students will have a basic understanding of how this solution works.

What is Burp Suite Pro?

Burp Suite is an integrated platform used to perform security testing of web applications. While it isn’t as well-known as some other web scanners, it is a useful tool that provides users with full control, allowing them to combine automation and advanced manual techniques to make testing faster and more effective.

Burp Suite has various tools that work together for the entire testing process – from the initial mapping of a web application’s attack surface to identifying and exploiting any vulnerabilities.

What is Involved in this Burp Suite Training?

The Burp Suite Pro testing framework is used by web developers and information security professionals to identify potential attack routes and security-related weaknesses in web applications. In our Burp Suite Pro online course, students will learn to use the Burp Suite software to manually test web applications. The course will cover various features of the Burp Suite Pro tool.

This Burp Suite training is perfect for web developers, information security professionals, ethical hackers, and any other IT professionals who want to have the ability to test web applications in real time. Upon completion of the course, which is just 25 minutes of clock time, students will have earned 2 CEU/CPE and will receive a Certificate of Completion.

What Can Burp Suite Do?

Burp Suite is a scanner that allows users to perform security testing on web applications. The key feature of the platform is that it is able to operate as an intercepting proxy. In other words, Burp Suite intercepts, inspects, modifies, and analyzes traffic between a browser and the web server to identify various security vulnerabilities.

Other core features of Burp Suite Pro include the following:

  • Spider: This is an intelligent web spider that is application aware. It allows the complete listing of an app’s content and functionality.
  • Scanner: This is a tool that is used to discover any security weaknesses in web applications.
  • Intruder: This highly-configurable tool is designed to perform automated and customized attacks against specific web applications like harvesting useful data, enumerating identifiers, and fuzzing for common weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
Instructed By
Darian Gary

Darian Gary

Senior Cyber Consultant at USDA ARS

Course Components
On Demand Videos to learn from industry leaders
Assessments to gauge understanding and comprehension
Certificate of Completion
Certificate Of Completion

Complete this entire course to earn a Intro to Burp Suite Pro Certificate of Completion

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