Insider Threats

Interested in becoming a cyber defense analyst? You’ll need the insider threat training offered in this course. Learn how to better protect data, information, and networks from malicious insiders within an organization. This beginner course will set you on the path for a cybersecurity analyst or management role.

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6.1 Conclusion


Module 6: Conclusion
5.1 Policy and Process and Employee Background Investigations


Module 5: Policy and Process and Employee Background Investigations
4.1 Prevention and Detection


Module 4: Prevention and Detection
3.1 Real World Attack Examples


Module 3: Real World Attack Examples
2.1 Attack Methods


Module 2: Attack Methods
1.1 Introduction to the Insider Threat and Motivating Factors


Module 1: Introduction to the Insider Threat and Motivating Factors
Course Description

This insider threat training is designed to teach students the basics of insider threat awareness and why it is a vital aspect of a company’s overall security protocol. Students will learn how to better protect data, information, and networks from insider threat risk.

What is an Insider Threat in Cybersecurity?

An insider threat can occur when an employee or someone close to an organization who has authorized access to information misuses that access to negatively affect the organization’s assets or systems. Insider threats are not only presented by employees but can also involve other personnel who are involved with the company, like contractors, third-party vendors, and partners.

Malicious insiders can pose a much larger threat than those on the outside due to the simple fact that they have access to sensitive information like financial information, customer information, and trade secrets. The damage a malicious insider can cause has the potential to be extremely detrimental to an organization. It may simply consist of embezzlement, or it may become as complex as conspiring to damage the company’s brand and customer confidence. Whatever the type of threat, it can be costly to organizations, both financially and reputation-wise.

What is Covered in This Insider Threat Training?

Cybrary's Insider Threat training provides students with a basic but thorough understanding of insider threat prevention. It will cover why insider threat awareness is such an important part of a company’s security program, how to recognize the indicators (behaviors and actions) that may signify a potential insider threat, and the proactive approach that is needed for the reporting of suspicious activities.

Upon the completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to help protect the assets, data, and networks of their organizations. They will understand what their responsibilities are, as employees, regarding reporting any questionable actions or behavior they encounter in the workplace.

Who Should Take the Insider Threats Course?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of insider threat awareness. It’s especially important for information technology team members, Corporate Security Managers, Facility Security Officers, or other individuals who are working to develop and implement an insider threat program for an organization’s workforce.

What Should Be Done to Protect Against Insider Threats?

There are various things that organizations can do to better protect their physical and digital assets – from enforcing strict data control and access to ensuring that employees who leave the company are immediately stripped of any means of accessing company information. While those things are very important, perhaps equally important is insider threat awareness training. In the 2018 U.S. State of Cybercrime report, it’s reported that a quarter of cyberattacks nationwide are committed by insiders. What this tells company executives is that it’s essential that employees are trained to recognize insider threats and how to report them. They must be educated on the importance of company data, accessibility, and what is shareable and what isn’t.

This Insider Threats course will help organizations ensure that they have employees that are aware of malicious insider threats and how to deal with them.

Why Take the Insider Threat Training?

Insider threats are not only on the rise and the leading cause of damage to businesses today, but they also have the potential to be the most damaging. It’s essential that companies have a workforce that is properly trained to be aware of insider threats and what to do when they believe they are witness to suspicious activity to help protect company assets, including other employees.

Statistics show that the average yearly cost of insider threats is $8.76 million. It’s not only financial loss that organizations have to worry about when it comes to insider threats. Insiders who commit illegal acts and unauthorized information breaches also negatively affect industries in the following ways:

  • Compromising the proprietary, classified, export-controlled, and other sensitive information of the organization
  • Loss of the organization’s technological advantage
  • Physical harm, even including loss of life
  • With these types of threats as potential risks, organizations need employees who are aware of the dangers of insider threats and who know what to do if they suspect someone of these malicious actions.

    Cybrary’s insider threat course will provide students with the knowledge they need to help protect their organizations’ assets from malicious insiders. Sign up for this course now to begin learning about insider threats. Click the Register button at the top right of this screen to get started.

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