Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP)


Build upon your CISSP certification by getting the specialized credential of the Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) training. By mastering the five ISSEP domains focused on developing secure systems, you can demonstrate that you have deep subject matter expertise in your field.

5 hours 58 minutes
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Course Content
Course Description

ISSEP training builds on the principles found in CISSP but focuses on the processes used to develop secure systems. This course will provide the student with a solid understanding of the five ISSEP domains along with the key areas of knowledge critical to meeting the rigors of this concentration. While not an exam preparation course, the Cybrary ISSEP course aims to provide a solid starting point for such study.

Target Audience for ISSEP Training

Students who hold the CISSP certification looking to pursue the ISSEP concentration and all others looking to improve their understanding of systems engineering principles related to information and cybersecurity.

Prerequisites for ISSEP Training

Ideally, the student taking this course will have completed the CISSP Certification. If not, equivalent knowledge of CISSP, CASP, and/or CISM materials will support the course goals and learning objectives

ISSEP Training Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand and describe the components of the ISSEP Domains
  • Describe the Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) Process
  • Describe the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Describe the key related National Institutes for Standards and Technologies (NIST) standards
  • Create an ISSEP study plan

What is the Information Systems Security Engineering Professional Certification?

The Information System Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) certification is a vendor-neutral credential that validates an individual's proficiency in designing, creating, and implementing security for information systems, services, and applications. The ISSEP certification is awarded by the Information Security Consortium (ISC2) as a concentration area for the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) credential.

The ISSEP credential ensures that an individual understands the relationship between systems and security engineering and can identify information security needs, design security architecture, create a security design, and implement system security.

What Does the ISSEP Training Cover?

This intermediate-level course covers the ISSEP concentration area of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional program. Students will learn about the five ISSEP domains and the key concepts that pertain to the specific focus of this concentration. In addition to the five domains, the course covers the information systems security engineering process, the system development life cycle (SDLC), and the related National Institutes for Standards and Technologies (NIST) standards. Students should then be able to create an ISSEP study plan that will assist them in preparing for the ISSEP certification exam.

The ISSEP training course is ideal for any students who have already earned the CISSP certification and want to improve their understanding of cybersecurity's engineering side. This may include professionals in the following roles:

• Information assurance officers • Information assurance systems engineers • Information assurance analysts • Senior security analysts • Senior systems engineers

While there are no hard and fast prerequisites for this course, it's recommended that students who enroll have already earned their CISSP certification. If they haven't, then an equivalent working knowledge of CISSP, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), or Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) skills will be helpful.

Upon finishing this course, students will complete 5 hours and 58 minutes of clock time, earn 6 CEUs/CPEs, and will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Is the CISSP-ISSEP Certification Worth It?

Earning ISC2's Certified Information System Security Professional certification is an accomplishment that comes with many benefits. When a concentration area like ISSEP is added, it opens the door to even more advantages and opportunities. Concentration areas add depth and mastery beyond the CISSP, providing those professionals who hold them with a leg up on specific roles that command better salaries, increased responsibilities, and more career satisfaction.

Here are some reasons that the CISSP-ISSEP certification is worth it:

• Distinguished skillset. Having specialized skills demonstrates a deeper and broader understanding of the common body of knowledge in the cybersecurity industry. • Career advancement opportunities. Credentials in concentration areas demonstrate a higher, more specialized level of expertise that raises credibility, visibility, and opens more doors for career advancement. • Higher salaries. IT professionals who hold certifications are typically paid higher salaries than their uncertified counterparts. • Global recognition. Certifications from ISC2 are globally recognized and held in high regard all over the world.

What Jobs Does the CISSP-ISSEP Certification Prepare You For?

There are various job roles that the CISSP-ISSEP prepares candidates for, including the Information System Security Engineer. While job titles may vary depending on the company, some of the common CISSP-ISSEP jobs are: • Cybersecurity Analyst • Cybersecurity Engineer • Cybersecurity Threat Detection Specialist • Security Architect • Security Engineer • Cybersecurity Program Director

What Salary Does the ISSEP Certification Earn?

In the U.S., the average salary for IT professionals with the CISSP-ISSEP certification is $148,433, according to The exact salary that can be expected depends on the specific organization, its size, a candidate's experience, and other factors. How is it Best to Learn ISSEP?

Our Information System Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) training course is the ideal starting point for students who want to learn about this CISSP concentration area. While it's not meant to be a certification exam preparation course, it will give students a solid foundation of the five domains included in the exam.

Cybrary is a leading provider of online technology training courses, and we are happy to help students expand their IT knowledge to better their careers. All the courses in our extensive library are online, self-paced, and taught by subject matter experts. This makes Cybrary practical and convenient for students. To learn more about ISSEP, enroll for this training by clicking the Register button at the top right of this screen.