Incident Response Planning

In Incident Response Planning, David Biser describes the different aspects to consider when creating and implementing an incident response plan. These different aspects act as tools that help an organization create a thorough incident response plan.

Course Content

Incident Response Team Members


Incident Response Planning
Incident Response Team Models


Incident Response Planning
Incident Response Kits Software


Incident Response Planning
Incident Response Kits Hardware


Incident Response Planning
Incident Response Kits Introduction


Incident Response Planning
Course Description

These tools that the instructor mentions include the hardware, the software, the team models, and the team members necessary for the creation and the execution of an incident response plan when situations arise.

This course is part of a Career Path:
Incident Handler Courses, Training & Career Path
In this Career Path, you will learn the incident response process, from building an incident response kit and developing an incident response team, to identifying, containing, and recovering from incidents. We then steer away from a traditional “defensive-only” approach to introduce you to the attacker’s world.

Instructed by

David Biser

Hello! My name is David and I live in the western region of Maryland, where the deer and the black bears do roam! I have been involved in Cyber Security for over 10 years as a criminal investigator,penetration tester, digital forensic analyst and incident responder. I hold multiple certificates in the cyber security field and spend my time reviewing logs, conducting forensic investigations and teaching. I enjoy cyber security so much that I teach at a local college to encourage and help others both enter the field and expand their career options.

When I am not working on something cyber I enjoy a wide range of activities (provided my back allows it!). I hike, hunt, fish, read a wide variety of material and spend time with my family.

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