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This online Incident Response and Handling training was designed to provide all of those who lack intel on business protection plans with more than enough understanding on how to properly design, develop and implement a security incident response plan.

About Incident Response and Handling Training

Data breaches are everywhere, and they're showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, experts say that a business' chance of experiencing at least one data breach has neared statistical certainty. Internal and external threats pose big risks to big data housed within private and public organizations. Assuming that your company will be compromised at some point is smart. But do you know what smart decisions to make after the fact? Are you prepared to handle it?

Our self-paced online Incident Response and Handling training prepares you for all of that. You'll learn how to develop three important protection plans for incident response: a business impact analysis, a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan. Additionally, you'll learn about the recovery time objective, an important metric for recovering damaged and/or lost data. You should never be unprepared for disaster. Stay one step ahead with online Incident Response and Handling training.

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