ICS/SCADA Fundamentals


The ICS SCADA Fundamentals course is taught by world-renowned cybersecurity expert Chris Kubecka and will introduce students to basic critical infrastructure concepts.

1 hour 22 minutes
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Course Description

Students will learn about basic ICS protocols and SCADA systems. Students will then be introduced to the threats and risks that are associated with ICS systems. This course will also teach students how ICS technology differs from the traditional enterprise networking environment. Basic ICS and critical infrastructure terminology will be covered in this course. Students will also learn which part of the CIA Triad is emphasized with critical infrastructure systems and receive an introduction to major components of an ICS network. The course will briefly touch on the OWASP Top 10 and how it relates to ICS systems. Students will learn about the Modbus protocol structure and work through different case studies of real life attacks.


  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP
  • Basic understanding of remote management protocols
  • Basic understanding of network protocols
  • Curiosity with ICS SCADA Systems

Course Goals

  • By the end of this course, students should be able to:
  • Discover commonly used ICS SCADA Protocols used in production
  • Understand why availability is paramount in ICS technology
  • Understand the general differences between IT and ICS technology