Fundamentals of Terraform

In this Terraform training course, students will learn the basics of the tool through hands-on labs, become comfortable with its core language features, learn how Terraform fits into the cloud tooling landscape.

Course Content

10.2 Count


Module 10: Conditionals and Loops
10.1 Foreach


Module 10: Conditionals and Loops
9.1 Terraform Functions


Module 9: Functions
8.3 AzureRM Backend


Module 8: State Management
8.2 Remote State File


Module 8: State Management
8.1 Local State File Fundamentals


Module 8: State Management
7.3 local-exec and Example


Module 7: Provisioners
7.2 remote-exec


Module 7: Provisioners
7.1 Dependency Graph


Module 7: Provisioners
6.3 Lab Activity


Module 6: Terraform Modules
6.2 Module Registry


Module 6: Terraform Modules
6.1 Local Modules


Module 6: Terraform Modules
6.0 Introduction to Terraform Modules


Module 6: Terraform Modules
5.4 Overrides


Module 5: Variables
5.3 Outputs and Locals


Module 5: Variables
5.2 References


Module 5: Variables
5.1 Inputs


Module 5: Variables
3.1 Terraform Prerequisites


Module 3: Getting Prepared
2.1 How to Utilize Terraform


Module 2: the Right Tool for the Right Job
1.1 Introduction


Module 1: Introduction
11.1 Course Summary


Module 11: Summary
Course Description

Learn the essentials of Terraform through hands-on labs. Understand where Terraform fits into the cloud tooling landscape. Get comfortable with the core language features. Gain experience using Terraform to provision resources in Azure, and more. Obtain exposure to key security considerations in managing Terraform configurations with Cybrary's Terraform course.

Prerequisites for this Terraform Training Course

  • Solid grasp of cloud fundamentals and some experience creating services in a public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle, etc.)
  • Prior experience writing automation scripts (PowerShell, Bash, Python, etc.) is not required, but will make certain labs much easier.
  • Terraform Training Course Goals

    By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand where Terraform fits into the Infrastructure as a code ecosystem
  • Utilize the fundamental syntax and organization of Terraform code
  • Understand valuable resources and references for future Terraform work
  • Simplify reusable applistructure patterns with Terraform modules
  • Make practical use of Terraform in a team environment
  • What is Terraform?

    Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) tool created by HashiCorp. It allows users to build, change, and version infrastructure efficiently and safely. Terraform is able to manage popular service providers as well as in-house, custom providers. The tool is a solution to the issue of bringing together the worlds of multiple cloud providers.

    The infrastructure that Terraform manages can be hosted on public clouds like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), or on private clouds such as CloudStack, OpenStack or VMWare vSphere. Because Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool, users don’t have to be concerned about their infrastructure drifting away from its desired configuration.

    What is Covered in this Terraform training course?

    This course will help students develop a strong foundation of knowledge around the Terraform tool. Students will learn the core concepts of Terraform, including the HashiCorp Configuration Language, resources, providers, and state. They will also be exposed to the key security considerations associated with managing Terraform configurations.

    The key objectives that students will achieve in the Terraform training include mastering the following:

    * Understanding how Terraform fits into the IaC ecosystem * Utilizing the basic syntax and organization of Terraform code * Understanding valuable references and resources for Terraform work * Simplifying reusable application and infrastructure services, or applistructure, patterns with Terraform modules * Using Terraform practically in a team atmosphere

    What Are the Prerequisites for Terraform Training?

    Students who enroll in this Terraform course should have a solid grasp of cloud basics and at least some experience creating services in a public cloud like Azure, AWS, Oracle, GCP, etc. Additionally, some previous experience writing automation scripts (Python, PowerShell, Bash, etc.) will help students with some labs, but such experience is not mandatory.

    How Easy is it to Learn Terraform?

    Like learning to use any new tool, Terraform training can be challenging. Most users of Terraform will admit that there is a fairly steep learning curve that requires a solid foundation of cloud basics. Because Terraform allows users to write declarative configuration files, view execution plans, and apply plans to realize the infrastructure declared in the configuration files, while supporting over a hundred resource providers, there is a lot to learn.

    The good news is that there are training courses taught by qualified instructors to help students learn how this tool works. Cybrary’s Fundamentals in Terraform helps students learn everything they need to understand about Terraform and how it can help solve their infrastructure challenges with it.

    Who Should Learn Terraform?

    This course is ideal for individuals who are interested in learning to manage infrastructure in private, public, or hybrid clouds. Some of the IT roles in that category are: * Developers * Cloud Engineers * DevOps Engineers

    Of course, learning Terraform isn’t limited to only the above, it’s a course that can be take by anyone who is curious about infrastructure automation.

    How is it Best to Learn Terraform?

    Terraform is one of the most used IaC tools used by IT professionals. It’s often preferred by users over other similar tools like Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible because it can maintain the state of the infrastructure, not allowing it to drift away from the desired configuration. However, learning Terraform isn’t usually something that can be self-taught. There are complexities that are best taught by someone who is experienced using the tool.

    That’s why it’s best to learn the Fundamentals of Terraform from an expert in the field, like the instructors who facilitate the online courses offered by Cybrary. Our courses are convenient, self-paced, and thorough. If you are interested in learning more about Terraform, enrolling in our Terraform training is a great first step. Signing up for the course is simple, just click the Register button at the top right of this screen to ger started.

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    Instructed by

    James Leone

    I am a client-focused IT strategist with 20 years of experience leading change in development and operations programs to solve complex technology and cultural problems that have a positive impact on businesses. Accomplishing organizational success by fostering people, leveraging cross functional partnerships, adopting appropriate agile practices, and contributing architectural competencies in cutting edge software platforms. I have a deep understanding of working in a highly regulated environment, in particular healthcare, to meet compliance obligations while minimizing cost overhead.

    In recent years, I have focused a lot in the technology areas of cybersecurity (secure application development), cloud, and device-to-cloud (IoT) solutions, with a sprinkling of data science and analytics (to measure and monitor success indicators).

    Cybrary provides me with an outlet to share what I know about technology and learn from others that have a different perspective (stemming from working at different companies, working in different industries, having a different educational background, etc.). As a lifelong learner myself, I appreciate the opportunity to work with a range of students to discuss the variety of ways to apply technology and process to improve the services they provide and products they create.

    One a more personal note, I have a beautiful wife and 4 children. With the youngest in high school, I’ve had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with lifelong interests in being physically active (sports, fitness, and hiking), cooking, and a bit of travel.

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