Exfiltration to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is fast, affordable, and widely available. Adversaries take advantage of a tool that works well just like we do. It's even better when they can use a cloud storage provider your organization already uses, allowing them to exfiltrate data encrypted via HTTPS to a service that looks like normal traffic. Learn how to detect this today.

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What is Exfiltration to Cloud Storage?


Exfiltration to Cloud Storage
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Exfiltration of data is a mainstay of financially motivated threat groups that want to sell sensitive information from your environment. After they have gained access and gotten a good look around they’ll want to begin making off with their spoils. Increasingly ransomware gangs are leveraging this technique as well. This enables them to blackmail organizations with the threat of data disclosure if they don’t pay the ransom. When we tie all this up in a bow that includes cloud services your organization regularly uses, this is a present no organization wants to get on the holidays.

Get the hands-on skills you need to detect and mitigate this attack in Cybrary's MITRE ATT&CK Framework courses aligned to the tactics and techniques used by financially motivated threat group FIN7. Prevent adversaries from accomplishing the tactic of Exfiltration in your environment today.

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