Executive Vulnerability Management


This course covers vulnerability management from an Executive Leadership level, and to help Executive Leadership understand the challenges of implementing a vulnerability management program, including implications if it is not set up properly.

2 hours 35 minutes
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This Course is part of a Career Path: Information Systems Security Manager NICE Work Role


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Course Description

Vulnerability management is how security vulnerabilities are identified, evaluated, and treated in an organization. Understanding vulnerabilities is instrumental in any organization, large or small. This course will detail the creation of a vulnerability management program, to include responsibilities and resources available to improve efficiency and decrease risk throughout an enterprise. Individuals who enroll in this course will learn who should be involved in the vulnerability management process, what tasks are associated to create a secure environment, and what technology can aid in this process. Another important concept for this course is how vulnerability management is integral to any information security program, and how it can compliment other functions within the program.

This course will also address case studies and issues which can arise when vulnerability management programs are not as mature. After discussing these case studies, some tips will be provided to help mature a vulnerability management program, and what Executive leadership can do in an organization to support and grow their own programs. This course is intended to first educate Executive leadership, but also provide real-world scenarios and ways to improve security throughout the organization. All who enroll should finish the course with actionable items to take back to their businesses to support their Security teams, or even implement new practices and technologies which could improve overall security.