End User Cyber Fundamentals

This End User Cyber Fundamentals course covers Internet risks such as typosquatting, website spoofing, drive-by downloads, Malvertising, and how to protect yourself using security best practices.

Course Content

How to Secure IoT Devices


IoT: Internet of Things
Risks of IoT Devices


IoT: Internet of Things
What is IoT?


IoT: Internet of Things
Cons of Public Cloud Storage


Public Cloud Storage
Pros of Cloud Storage


Public Cloud Storage
Mobile Phone Security


Safe Internet Browsing
Malvertising and Scareware


Safe Internet Browsing
Drive-by Downloads


Safe Internet Browsing
What is Website Spoofing?


Safe Internet Browsing


Safe Internet Browsing
Online Scams


Safe Internet Browsing
Secure Websites


Safe Internet Browsing


Safe Internet Browsing
Course Description

This course is designed for users looking for an understanding of how to navigate the internet securely. You will learn about Social Media, Public Cloud Storage and IoT, what they are, what the risks are and how to use your security and privacy settings on these platforms to better protect yourself. We will review Security and Privacy settings for specific Social media platforms.

The idea of this course is not just to help you understand what to do but the why. Why should you pick certain security questions or care how your data is secured over the internet and how security relates to tasks you do every day such as email, storing your photos and using Social Media. Everything you learn in this course will help you in your personal and professional life.

An introduction to End User Security Awareness, this course presents an overview of what cyber security is and why you should care. It is designed with the end-user in mind and serves as the ideal starting point for anyone looking to enter the cyber security field and ultimately raise their threat awareness. What will I learn? What damages occur from a lack of security Three primary security threats What your duty is as a user related to enterprise security. From this course, you can expect to grasp damages that can occur from a lack of security, the three primary threats and what your duty as a user is related to enterprise security. During the course, remember the ultimate goal of security practices: The C-I-A Triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) ? the three things we are most concerned with when it comes to the information on our computers and networks.

A company’s most valuable assets are its people and its data. Offering a cyber security awareness training to employees help protect both.

Smart companies view their data as a valuable asset.

When employees are handling data on a regular basis, it’s important for them to understand computer security and how to protect the company.

Especially if a business suffers from high turnover among staff or relies heavily on contract staff, ensuring employees understand cyber security and how to protect valuable data is key to the company’s long-term success.

Management can take this into their own hands by offering a cyber security awareness training either in-house or relying on online courses such as Cybrary.

What is cybersecurity awareness training?

A strong cyber security awareness training is designed to teach users or employees the practices and principles of protecting their data, either online, on a computer, gaming or mobile device.

Employees can often -- unintentionally -- be the reason cyber security attacks happen. But employees can also be a businesses first tool in helping stop a hack from happening.

End User Security awareness training can vary based on the goals and needs of the business or organization, but generally the best cyber security awareness training consists of repetitive training. It’s also ongoing, meaning it’s not just a one-day training that is never revisited. The company’s with the best training will also conduct random tests to see where the organization is most vulnerable.

A End User security awareness class helps employees understand some of the biggest threats to an organization, such as spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering.

What are the benefits of cyber security awareness training?

Taking a cyber security awareness class gives employees the tools to take proactive steps to protect a company’s data.

Going through the best cyber security awareness training enables employees to recognize the threats facing their organization.

For example, after going through a security training employees will be more likely to spot a dangerous email attachment that could crash the system or expose data.

Either offering an IT security awareness training in-house or requiring employees to take an online course that issues a security awareness certificate can help employees understand the multitude of threats the company faces.

Encouraging employees to take a security awareness course through Cybrary will enable them to take the course at their own pace, online. Cybrary’s beginner end user awareness course is 44 minutes, making it a great addition to employee learning.

Why is cyber security awareness training important?

If a business cares about the security of its computer systems and data, then security awareness training for employees is essential.

When breaches happen, 42% of attackers gain entry to data from successful phishing scams, reinforcing the need for ongoing employee education, according to Secureworks® 2018 Incident Response Insights Report.

People, or employees, are often hackers’ first targets because it’s an easy angle to gain access to the system.

Hackers try to trick users to allow them access to protected data before they initiate their attack. If employees understand what proactive steps to take to protect data, the less likely hacker attacks will be.

If an employee is the reason for a hack, he or she can feel embarrassed or worse, quit. A security awareness training program offered online can help educate all employees discreetly, so no one is embarrassed by how much they know. This enhances job satisfaction and employee retention.

Why do we need cybersecurity awareness training?

At a basic level, most businesses rely on people to work for them and on people to buy from them. If a business owns any private customer data and then it’s hacked, that can result in a loss of trust from the customer.

Often businesses can be hacked because of human error by their employees.

By requiring employees to go through the best end user awareness training, businesses are taking strong steps to protect not only their customers, but the health of their business.

Depending on the organization's industry, a business may be subject to compliance or vulnerable to lawsuits. Having employees go through training will help increase compliance and protect the business from expensive, time-consuming lawsuits.

For small businesses, it’s even more important to protect its data. A study from the National Cyber Security Alliance shows that 60% of small and midsize businesses fold within six months of a cyber attack.

How do you measure the success of cyber security awareness training?

After all employees have gone through an end user security awareness training, start measuring data breaches and incidents over time. The less incidents recorded, the better. It means employees were equipped with the right tools to protect a businesses’ valuable corporate data.


The desire to increase your depth of knowledge as it relates to tasks you do every day such an email, storing your photos and using Social Media.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand steps you can take to protect your device and data while browsing the internet
  • Recognize online scams, typosquatting and spoofed websites.
  • Understanding of mobile phone security
  • Why you should use a VPN
  • How to safely use Social Media
  • How to safely use Public Cloud Storage. Did you know that Gmail, iCloud, and Google photos are Public Cloud Storage?
  • * What IoT is and how to secure an IoT device

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    Instructed by

    Lisa Martino

    I have been in IT and Security for 30+ years and worked everything from Data Center Operations, Help Desk, Network Engineering, Security Engineering to Security Awareness, Governance, Information Security incident and breach management, etc. I am well versed in security concepts and methodologies and act as a security advisor. One of things I enjoy the most is working with business partners across various departments in the organization. This allows me to understand the business need, help the business understand the IT/Security requirements and build relationships so decisions can be made using sound judgment based on balancing facts and business requirements leading to continuous business alignment.

    I hold numerous Information security certifications such as CISSP, GCIH, CRISC and CISA. I continue to expand my knowledge in the field through training and hands on experience.

    I have facilitated Cybersecurity and Information Security Awareness training classes at work and was always interested in doing something more formal. I have reviewed courses on the Cybrary platform and really enjoyed the format and content so when they reached out to see if I would be interested in becoming an instructor I of course said yes!

    I am a mentor. I love to help and train people. When I started in IT, I was usually the only women in the room. It was difficult to find someone to help me. I believe this was for two reasons, One, I was the rare women in IT and two, a lot of the people in IT know what they are supposed to do but do not know why, and I was always asking why. So, I had to teach myself and read books on what modem lights meant, or what Token Ring was. I know I am giving away my age but to make things harder I had to read books to learn anything as you could not easily look things up on the internet in 80s…. It was not easy but going though that made me who I am today. I love to learn and want to help others. It is always better to share knowledge!

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