Cybersecurity Kill Chain™

Learn a foundational concept within cybersecurity in this Cybersecurity Kill Chain™ course. This course simulates an example attack and exposes the 7 phases of the Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain™. Then you’ll apply the knowledge gained to design a defense-in-depth model to defend against the attack.

Course Content

3.1 Defense in Depth


Module 3: Defense in Depth Using the Cyber Kill Chain
2.8 Action on Objectives


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.7 Command and Control


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.6 Exploitation and Installation


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.5 Delivery


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.4 Weaponization


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.3 Reconnaissance 3


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.2 Reconnaissance 2


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
2.1 Reconnaissance 1


Module 2: The Cyber Kill Chain
1.2 The Cyber Kill Chain


Module 1: Introduction and the Cyber Kill Chain Overview
1.1 Introduction


Module 1: Introduction and the Cyber Kill Chain Overview
4.1 Conclusion


Module 4: Conclusion
Course Description

A practical take on Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain™, The course simulates an example target attack following the 7 phases of the Cyber Kill Chain™. Starting with reconnaissance utilizing online resources to research the target then use the information in weaponization and deliver to create a payload and deliver it to the target to exploit the target and install it and gain control on the target to action the objective of the attack. The course then utilizes the knowledge gained to design a defense in depth model using the Cyber Kill Chain™ to detect, deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive and contain the attack at each phase of the 7 phases of the Cyber Kill Chain™.

This course is part of a Career Path:
SOC Analyst, Level 1 Certification Prep, Training & Courses
A Security Operations Center Analyst (SOC Analyst) stands as a front line of defense against the ever present cyber threats faced by organizations today. A SOC team ensures an organization’s digital assets remain secure and protected from unauthorized access by monitoring and responding to massive amounts of data in record time. In this role, you will protect your organization’s infrastructure by monitoring data to identify suspicious activity, then mitigating risks before a breach occurs. Cybrary's Become a SOC Analyst - Level 1 career path will equip you to break into the field with skills aligned to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cyber Defense Analyst NICE work role.

Instructed by

Abdulrahman Alnaim

My name is Abdulrahman “Abdul” Alnaim, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the American University, Washington, D.C. Over my tenure in Cybersecurity I was heavily involved in Awareness, Behavior Management and Cybersecurity Training. I moved to working in Security Operations then penetration testing and applications security. After that I worked in Governance Risk and Compliance. I currently work as Security Operations Manager in-charge of overseeing security monitoring, digital forensics and incident response along with other operations such as vulnerability management and penetration testing.

Cybrary is one of the best resources I use to learn and remain on-top of current technologies in Cybersecurity. I think its only fair to give back to Cybrary community by sharing my experience and knowledge for others to gain the required knowledge to excel in Cybersecurity.

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