This Course is part of a Career Path: Become a Cyber Security Engineer

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Corporate Cybersecurity Management

Module 1

2.1 4 Steps on Prioritizing
2.2 Legal Concepts Relative to Cybersecurity
2.3 TCO vs. ROI
2.4 Translating Technical Threats Into Business Risk
2.5 Spoliation in the Field of Cyber
2.6 Supply Chain
2.7 Cyber Implications for Publicly Traded Companies
2.8 Underwriting Process and Considerations

Course Description

ATTENTION EMERGING CYBER SECURITY LEADERS - This course is for you. Join Industry SME Carter Schoenberg as he demonstrates and explains how you translate technical threats into business risk. This course will examine the definition of the term 'cyber' as well as look into forecasts for cyber security spending from 2015-2020, which shows an upward trend and is expected to continue increasing. Unfortunately, our risk has not decreased relative to the spending. Therefore, cyber security leaders today need to know how to turn threats, their potential impact and how they effect your business, into quantifiable data to show the potential implications to your business. Cyber risk, legal considerations and insurance are often overlooked by businesses and this sets them up for major financial devastation should an incident occur. Essentially, it is crucial to know what risks to look for and then how to mitigate them to keep disasters from even occurring. After the completion of this course, the goal is for participants to understand: 1. How to discern a cyber threat from a business risk 2. Legal concepts relative to cybersecurity 3. How your business partners increase your risk exposure 4. Provide greater value to C-Suite or System Owners 5. Position your career path for growth Upon completion of this course you can purchase and schedule your CompTIA CySA+ exam here