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Our self-paced online CompTIA Linux+ course prepares students with the knowledge to become a certified Linux+ expert, spanning a curriculum that covers Linux maintenance tasks, user assistance and installation and configuration.

8 hours 30 minutes
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Course Description

What is CompTIA Linux+?

Linux is a flexible, open-source, low-cost platform favored for its ease of use in virtualization and cloud-based applications. More organizations are adopting Linux into their enterprise, and thus the need for certified employees is growing. Our self-paced online Linux+ training prepares students with the knowledge to become a CompTIA certified expert, spanning a curriculum that covers maintenance tasks, user assistance and installation and configuration.

If you are a technician with six months (or more) experience installing, operating and maintaining Linux systems, this course will help you to meet the certification requirements and prepare for the exam by providing you with a broad awareness of Linux operating systems. Individuals who hold this certification show employers that they demonstrate a critical knowledge of installation, operation, administration and troubleshooting devices.

System administrators, junior network administrators, database administrators and web administrators can all benefit from this certification. A certification can definitely provide several new opportunities for growing IT and Cyber Security professionals. The demand for skilled professionals who can help their organization transition to open-source platforms are steadily increasing.

What will I learn in this CompTIA Linux+ Course?

Key topics-

  • System architecture
  • Linux installation & package management
  • GNU & Unix commands
  • Filesystems, and file structures
  • Shell scripting and data management
  • User interfaces and desktops
  • Administrative tasks
  • Essential system services
  • Networking fundamentals

Skills covered-

  • Determine and configure hardware settings and boot the system
  • Design and manage the hard disk and libraries
  • Work on the command line to manage files and processes
  • Create and manage partitions and filesystems
  • Write scripts and perform basic SQL data manipulation
  • Install and configure X11 and set up display managers
  • Manage user accounts and groups and automate system administration
  • Maintain and configure systems, and manage printing
  • Configure and troubleshoot system network settings and services, and configure client side DNS

Related Jobs-

  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Security Engineer

What is CompTIA Linux+ certification training?

The main objective of the CompTIA Linux+ training from Cybrary is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to feel comfortable operating and maintaining Linux systems. This should help prepare you to earn your Linux+ Certification from CompTIA.

What is involved in the Linux security training from Cybrary?

To fully prepare you to work with Linux systems, the comprehensive training course will address various facets of this important technology. Some of the key topics that will be covered in the Linux Plus training include: - Administrative tasks

  • Essential system services
  • Filesystems and file structures
  • GNU and Unix commands
  • Linux installation and package management
  • Networking fundamentals
  • Shell scripting and data management
  • System architecture
  • User interfaces and desktops

The Linux+ course is divided into four modules, and each section offers professional training on essential tasks. There are several specific skills that you can expect to learn through this course, including: - Determining and configuring hardware settings

  • Designing a hard disk layout
  • Booting the system and installing a boot manager
  • Using Debian, RPM, and YUM package management
  • Working on command lines
  • Processing text streams using filters
  • Creating partitions and file systems
  • Handling file permissions and ownership
  • Configuring and troubleshooting system network settings

Where can I take the CompTIA Linux+ certification training?

One of the most pressing details of any cyber security training is figuring out where and when to complete the course. Whether you currently have a full-time job or have a packed schedule full of other commitments, Cybrary makes it easy for you to continue your education. For your convenience, this Linux Plus certification training can all be completed online. This gives you the freedom to work on this course without having to disrupt the rest of your life.

How long will it take to complete this Linux Plus course?

The CompTIA Linux Plus course should take about 14 hours to complete. However, you can split this up however it works best for your schedule. Whether you want to go through all the modules in one weekend or tackle everything over the course of a month, you have the flexibility to review the material and Linux Plus study guide as it fits into your schedule and lifestyle.

Instructed By
Dean Pompilio
Dean Pompilio
CEO of SteppingStone Solutions
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