This course will introduce the command line and help remove the difficulty to get comfortable with the terminal. It will cover how to open the command line on Windows machines and the terminal on Linux based systems. After opening the command line, it is imperative to learn how to ask for help. This course will cover the most common Windows and Linux commands used to gather information, manipulate data, and configure systems to your needs. Finally, this course will cover how to chain multiple…

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Have you been curious about how others can use the command line to save countless hours of work? Are you overwhelmed with the text that runs across the screen, and have no idea where to begin? This Command Line Basics course will start you on your journey to become the Hollywood-esque hacker that you want to be.

Graphical tools present pretty pictures, easy to read text, and clicking things on the screen is fun and easy. Imagine that you need to perform a configuration setting on a computer, just click a few buttons and in seconds you’re done! Now imagine that you need to perform that same configuration change for 500 computers and that few seconds easily turns into hours of work. With command line tools, it is very feasible to write a command to replicate across hundreds of computers simultaneously, saving you time and removing human error.

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Basic computer skills, access to the command line on a Windows machine, and access to the terminal for a Linux machine. A good attitude is imperative, because learning the command line is difficult!

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Open the Command Line on Windows and Linux machines
  • How to ask for help at the terminal
  • Understand how to navigate the file system with a CLI
  • Use common CLI tools to perform time-saving tasks
  • Chain together commands

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Christopher Haller

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Certificate Of Completion

Complete this course and earn a Command Line Basics Certificate of Completion