This is the second course in Ed Amoroso's Twelve Competencies of the Effective CISO, which focuses on the CISO Competency in Finance & Administration. An awareness and understanding of corporate finance and business administration is essential for the CISO to succeed as a senior executive. This includes expertise in competing for budget, resources, staff, and attention.

Course Content

Module 1: Finance & Administration

1.1 CISO Competency - Finance & Administration

Course Description

  • Role of Corporate Finance
  • Importance of Competent Administration
  • Predictive Planning and Dealing with Cuts
  • Case Study on Finance and Administration
  • Guest Speaker (invited): Bill O’Hern, SVP/CSO AT&T

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Ed Amoroso

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Certificate Of Completion

Complete this course and earn a CISO Competency - Finance & Administration Certificate of Completion