Careers In Cybersecurity

Getting started in cybersecurity can be tough, and the number of careers seems endless. This course will get you hands-on with six of the most common cybersecurity roles, including penetration tester, digital forensics, cloud security, governance, security analyst, and security engineer. Decide which career is right for you today!

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Digital Forensics and Incident Responder


Cloud Security Engineer


Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Security Engineer


Security Analyst
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Penetration Tester
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> Breaking into cybersecurity can be challenging at the best of times. The industry has so many different roles and disciplines. Don’t let that keep you from getting started. This course will get you up close to six major fields in cybersecurity: Penetration Testing; Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR); Cloud Security Engineering; Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC); Security Engineering; and Security Analyst. You’ll hear from subject matter experts in each of these fields discussing what a day in the life is like for each of them. Discover what led them to these careers and what still excites them today.

> In addition, you’ll have the chance to get hands-on with activities each of these roles is likely to perform regularly. Ever wanted to crack a password? No problem, dive into the Penetration Tester lab. Ever wanted to evaluate whether a software solution is truly secure? We’ve got you covered in the Security Engineer lab. At the end of this course, you’ll have a great idea of what field in cybersecurity you could make your goal.

This course is part of a Career Path:
IT & Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification Prep & Courses
Get everything you need to start your cybersecurity career journey, and stop wasting your time (and money) sorting through unreliable information from questionable sources. While this industry offers very lucrative career opportunities, finding accurate, relevant information to break into the field can be incredibly frustrating. That’s why we’ve crafted this IT and Cybersecurity Foundations path, featuring thoughtful, bite-sized content from expert instructors covering core concepts found across all cybersecurity roles. These instructors have helped thousands of other beginners grasp essential IT and cybersecurity topics. Get ready to take your first steps into cybersecurity by diving into core concepts needed for any cybersecurity role. Build practical skills and gain confidence as you begin your cybersecurity journey.

Instructed by

Master Instructor
Matthew Mullins

Matt has led multiple Red Team engagements, ranging from a few weeks to a year and covering multiple security domains. Outside of Red Teaming, Matt is also a seasoned penetration tester with interests in: AppSec, OSINT, Hardware, Wifi, Social Engineering, and Physical Security. Matt has a Master's degree in Information Assurance and an exhaustive number of certifications ranging from frameworks, management, and hands-on hacking. Matt is a Technical SME at Cybrary, focusing on Adversarial Emulation and Red Teaming for course content.

Owen Dubiel

Owen is certified in the GIAC GSEC, CompTIA CySA+, and various other vendor-related certifications. He works both as a technical security engineer and as an SME architect instructor in his spare time. Spreading the word of cyber security is a passion of his. Owen lives in Southeast Michigan with his beautiful wife, daughter, and his dog, Thor. In his free time, Owen enjoys watching sports and movies, and spending time with his family.

Tony Vinson

Tony Vinson has over 20 years of IT industry experience, most of which has been in security-related roles. He holds several Cloud and Security-related certifications, including ISC2 Cloud Certified Security Professional (CCSP), AWS Solutions Architect (Associates and Professional), and AWS Security Specialty. Tony has a Master's degree in Information Systems specializing in IT Security. He is passionate about cloud security but specifically DevOps security and automation.

Chris Daywalt

After too many years of security operations work, Chris Daywalt tries to turn his phone off at 5:00 pm EST. While there are a bunch of training classes and education somewhere on his resume, much of what he has to teach was learned at the school of hard knocks, often at the expense of his previous clients. He wants to help you spend more time detecting and denying adversaries and less time banging your head against your keyboard. He dips his blueberry donuts in orange juice.

Chris’ 19-year career includes work for organizations of all sizes, both government and private sector, and is distributed roughly like so:

  • 30% doing DFIR
  • 30% teaching DFIR
  • 20% monitoring and detection engineering
  • 15% risk assessment
  • 5% other stuff, like sneaking in a game of Plants vs. Zombies or taking a quick nap at the desk (Don’t judge - I work overtime)

    Master Instructor
    Marc Balingit

    Marc has led, managed, and performed global incident response investigations focused on large-scale data breaches, system compromises, data exfiltration, ransomware, and malware outbreaks. He has worn many hats throughout his Incident Response career, including proactive and reactive services. Outside Blue Teaming, Marc is passionate about Vulnerability Research and Malware Analysis. He is a Technical SME at Cybrary, focusing on Threat Actors and Blue Teaming for course content.

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