AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals


Curious about Microsoft Azure? This Azure Fundamentals training is designed to give you a basic undestanding of the cloud services offered by Microsoft including compute, storage, networking and security; and to prepare you for the AZ-900 certification exam. No technical experience required!

3 hours 51 minutes
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This Course is part of a Career Path: Become an Azure Cloud Engineer
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Course Description

What is the AZ-900?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is the first in a series of Azure certifications for IT professionals who will be working with the platform. This certification proves that students have a solid knowledge of cloudservices specific to Microsoft’s Azure platform.

What is Involved in this Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training?

Cybrary’s Microsoft AZ-900 training is a beginner level course that gets students started with learning the Azure platform. In this course, students will become prepared to take and pass the AZ-900 exam. Students in this course will:

  • Learn fundamental cloud concepts like high availability, elasticity, agility, scalability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery
  • Be introduced to the core services that are offered by Microsoft Azure
  • Develop an understanding of security, compliance, privacy, and trust with the Azure platform
  • Become familiar with Microsoft Azure pricing and support models.

Upon completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills related to Microsoft Azure that are necessary to successfully pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. This certification is the first of several certifications that are available for the Azure platform.

Who Should Take this AZ-900 Course?

This Microsoft AZ-900 course is ideal for anyone who is looking to get started with the Azure platform. Candidates who want to demonstrate that they have the foundational knowledge of cloud computing concepts specific to Azure should start here. This course is designed with the student looking to earn the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification in mind. Certification validates students’ knowledge and skill sets to current and potential employers, making them more attractive to hiring managers and recruiters.

Students taking this course are not required to have any previous IT experience, however it is helpful to have knowledge of IT basics.

Why Take the AZ-900 Exam?

There are multiple reasons that taking this training and pursuing a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is beneficial. First and foremost, the Azure platform is the most widely recognized cloud services provider worldwide. Additionally, many top organizations are looking to hire professionals with Azure certifications. Obtaining these certifications will open up many job opportunities for candidates that are not available to uncertified applicants. There are many different job roles that are ideal for Microsoft Azure certified professionals, and the Fundamentals training and certification is the first step to take in the series of certifications.

What Can Someone Expect on the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam (AZ-900)?

This certification exam for Microsoft Azure was created to test candidates’ basic knowledge about core Azure services. There aren’t any prerequisites for taking this exam, nor is this exam a prerequisite for other Azure certification exams. However, passing this fundamentals exam will help prepare students for future certifications. The exam covers all the basic fundamental subjects and concepts that one should know when pursuing a career in the cloud domain.

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam includes the following technical and cloud related topics:

  • Considerations and benefits of cloud services
  • The differences between Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • The differences between cloud models (Private, Public, and Hybrid)
  • Core Microsoft Azure architectural elements
  • Key Azure solutions and products
  • Pricing and support for Microsoft Azure

The AZ-900 exam consists of 40-60 questions. Candidates can expect questions to include short answer, repeated answer choices, best answer, case studies, build list, hot area, mark review, review screen, active screen, multiple choice, and drag and drop. A passing score of 700 is required for certification, and there is 85 minutes allowed for the exam. The cost for this certification exam is $99.00.

How Should Someone Prepare for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam?

The Microsoft Azure fundamentals exam is for an entry-level certification. Candidates for this certification are not required to have technical experience prior to taking the exam. However, it’s important for exam takers to be prepared with the knowledge that is needed to achieve a passing score.

Candidates who want to obtain the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals needs to equip themselves with the right training and materials to be prepared for the exam. Cybrary, one of the foremost online technology training websites, is pleased to help students with their AZ-900 fundamentals exam prep. Sign up for this training course now to begin with Microsoft Azure certification. Click the Register button at the top right of this screen to get started.

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Toddy Mladenov
Toddy Mladenov
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Jacob Pelzman
Jacob Pelzman
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