AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

Looking to enhance your experience with Azure administrative cloud technologies and solutions? This Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Certification training course will help you pass the exam and confidently administer basic Azure solutions such as web servers, networking solutions, storage solutions and cloud environment monitoring.

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10.2AZ-104 Practice Test

Course Description

What is the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform created by Microsoft. The platform, which used to be called Windows Azure, allows users to take advantage of various cloud services.

The Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is a role-based credential that validates an individual’s ability to implement, monitor, and manage Azure’s solutions. The Azure Administrator role overall is to manage cloud services that encompass computing, networking, security, and storage.

What is Involved in the Microsoft Azure Administrator Training Online?

In this beginner-level training course, students will learn all the skills that are needed to take and pass the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Understand the basic concepts of the platform
  • Manage Azure subscriptions
  • Analyze resource usage and consumption
  • Manage resources
  • Manage role-based access control
  • Implement and maintain storage accounts and backup reports and operations
  • Import and export to Azure
  • Configure Azure files
  • Deploy and manage VMs
  • Implement and manage virtual networking
  • Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking
  • Manage Azure Active Directory which includes users, groups, and devices

Who Should Take the Microsoft Azure Administrator Training Online?

Anyone who is interested in taking and passing the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam is a good candidate for this training course. It is geared toward students who already have some IT knowledge, including infrastructure services, applications, and environments. The Azure focused course is also ideal for candidates who are already in a cloud services role but who do not yet have the certification.

While it isn’t a prerequisite, it is recommended that students have their Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification before taking this or other Azure role-based certification courses.

Why Take this Azure Administrator Training?

Cloud plays a role in almost every aspect of IT. The majority of organizations depend on a cloud platform, to some extent. Many of these organizations choose Microsoft Azure as part of their cloud infrastructure (public, private, or hybrid).

For IT professionals to remain competitive in the industry, cloud must be included in their skillset. The Microsoft Azure Administrator certification helps ensure that individuals who are looking to advance their current career or take on a new role as a cloud administrator are viewed as competent and appealing to hiring managers and recruiters.

There are more and more organizations that require employees to be familiar with Microsoft Azure – and some that require candidates for job openings and promotions to have certain certifications. Whether someone is already in a cloud administrator role but hasn’t become certified or looking to take on the role as part of a new career path, Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is a credential they won’t regret pursuing.

What Can Someone Expect on the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam AZ-104?

This certification exam was designed to test the expertise of those who are in the Azure Administrator role, or those who desire to be in that role. The exam covers cloud services management that includes compute, network, storage, and security capabilities of Microsoft Azure. The exam is broken down and weighted as follows:

  • Managing Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
  • Implementing and managing storage in Azure (15-20%)
  • Deploying and managing Azure compute resources (20-25%)
  • Configuring and managing virtual networks in Azure (25-30%)
  • Monitoring and backing up Azure resources (10-15%)

The Microsoft Azure AZ-104 certification exam consists of 40-60 questions, for which exam takers have two hours. A passing score of 700 is required for certification. The cost for this certification exam is $165.00.

How Should Someone Prepare for Exam AZ-104?

It’s important to be prepared for the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam. One of the best ways to do that is by taking an online training course that covers the information and skills needed to pass the exam. At Cybrary, we are happy to help students with their AZ-104 exam prep. Our Microsoft Azure Administrator training course has all the resources that candidates need to prepare for and pass the certification exam. Sign up for this training course now to begin with Microsoft Azure Administrator certification preparation. Click the Register button at the top right of this screen to get started.

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