Access Control and Identity Management

In the Access Control and Identity Management Course taught by Michael Redman, students will get a thorough deep dive into authentication and access control fundamentals, focusing on Security+ exam objectives, which will help them pass the exam.

1 hour 18 minutes
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Course Content

3.1Course Assessment - Access Control & Identity Management

Course Description

Access Control, and Identity Management is a fundamental concept you must know when it comes to the CompTIA Security Plus and the ISC2 CISSP certification. By taking this training, you will learn the "How-To's" when it comes to Identity and Access Management (IdAM) portion of your certification exam. Also relevant to NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This training course taught by Michael Redman, goes over the IDAM functions, explaining how Access Control and Identity Management work together to grant access to resources and constrain what a subject can do with them.

Learning objectives include:

  • What are network security implementations (e.g., host-based IDS, IPS, access control lists), including their function and placement in a network.

  • How to apply host/network access controls (e.g., access control list).

  • How to develop and apply security system access controls.

  • How to evaluate access for intelligence value.

  • How to access information on current assets available, usage.

  • How to access the databases where plans/directives/guidance are maintained.

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