Threat Actor Campaigns

Work through realistic attack scenarios to learn how adversaries target your environment and develop the skills to defend against these threats. Subscribe to receive notifications when new Threat Actor Campaigns are published.

Stay Ahead of Agile Adversaries

Adversaries are constantly adapting and evolving their tactics to compromise your environment. Stay a step ahead with Cybrary’s Threat Actor Campaigns ─ interactive courses that provide a complete overview of real-world kill chains.

Gain a deeper understanding of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and identify methods used to compromise networks and steal sensitive information with real-world case studies, and learn how to effectively mitigate threats from nation-state actors, criminal organizations, and hacktivists with hands-on exercises. Enroll today to stay threat-informed and protect your organization from sophisticated cyber attacks.


Threat-Informed Training

Leverage realistic tools, techniques, and attack scenarios to enhance your detection strategies and defend your organization.

Why Threat Actor Campaigns?

Think Like an Adversary
Follow comprehensive attack scenarios to understand how, why, and when adversaries will target your environment.
Learn From Pros
Shadow subject matter experts as they identify and validate threat actor behavior and build detection methods.
Respond to Critical Threats
Practice detecting adversary techniques with enterprise-class security tools in a realistic environment.
Align to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework
Hone your skills with hands-on training built around observed adversary tactics and techniques.
Cybrary for Teams

When you upskill your team with Cybrary, you enable them to confidently detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats and effectively protect your organization. Request a demo today to take advantage of Cybrary’s suite of learning activities and management tools, including hands-on practice labs, skill and hiring assessments, LMS integrations, timely threat-informed courses, custom guided pathways, framework-aligned content, and more.

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How to Checkmate Ransomware Threat Actors with Red/Blue Team Training

The Cybrary Podcast

Cybrary's Owen Dubiel and Matt Mullins discuss how their experience in the cybersecurity industry informed our new Threat Actors Campaigns.

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