Work with Managed Disk Snapshots

Learners, in the Work With Managed Disk Snapshot virtual guided lab, by IT Pro Challenges, create a virtual machine from a snapshot of an existing managed disk. System Administrators, Network Operations Specialists, and Networking Engineers roles advance their skills in setting up a virtual machine with a particular environment quickly.

45 minutes
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This 45-minute, intermediate level guided lab has learners practice creating an image from an existing managed disk and using it to attach the snapshot to a new virtual machine on the cloud. Familiarization with Microsoft Azure’s tools and resources, in addition to virtualization concepts and programming, helps the learner make full use of the hands-on experience provided in the lab. Participants have the option to perform the lab challenges using the user interface or the PowerShell command line.

Creating and using a managed disk snapshot gives an administrator or IT worker the power to set up a known environment speedily. Snapshots make hosting a customized virtual for a guest or a particular group of workers to happen on the fly. Creating a testing environment for troubleshooting a virtual machine configuration and testing a fix, from an image, becomes more effective using snapshots.

Learners verify that the virtual machine’s application, provisioned from the unattached disk, works as expected as the original disk providing the snapshot. The lab contains hints in each section to get back on track with the exercise.

Prepare to Create a Snapshot

Learners log into Azure and ready a valid virtual disk, from another machine in the cloud, for imaging. Then participants confirm provisioning success by accessing the virtual machine through a web browser. Then lab users stop the machine and deallocate it to ready it for a snapshot.

Create a Snapshot of an Existing Managed Disk:

In this section, learners use Azure’s snapshot utility to create an image of the virtual disk. A snapshot can only be read, as it is a blob of the managed disk characteristics. The blob needs to access a utility or application to turn back into a managed disk that can be used for provisioning the system.

Create a Managed Disk From A Snapshot:

This lab portion teaches how to use Azure’s disk service to create a managed disk. When creating a managed disk, the application reads the snapshot and expands the blob specifying system into all its components. The learner sees that the disk size selected affects the cost structure for disk storage in the cloud.

Create a Virtual Machine from an Unattached Disk:

The previous virtual lab exercise created a managed disk resource that can be put in any virtual machine and be set to have it run.. This section has learners take the unattached managed disk and snap it into a system that can use the disk, by creating a virtual machine.

This section, too, has the PowerShell code to script the exercises in the lab that take the snapshot and create a virtual machine from it. So, learners get hands-on experience with the commands to do the steps executed using the Azure interface. The script also provides a check-in point for the learner who wants to do the tasks through PowerPoint.

Test The Application:

Learners verify success in creating a virtual machine from the snapshot of an OS disk. The participants view the new machine in a web browser. This portion of the lab comes with some troubleshooting tips in case a timeout error appears for the new machine.


At the end of this lab, learners take the process of creating a snapshot of a managed virtual disk to creating a virtual machine from start to finish. Learners who have completed this challenge may wish to consider other labs.

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