Manage a Web App

In this IT Pro Challenge virtual lab, you will get hands-on experience using the Azure Portal to deploy and manage a Web App. You will learn how to quickly deploy code using Azure’s Zip Deploy UI and how to manage your cloud resources by implementing auto-scaling. These skills are essential for a network or system administrator using Azure.

1 hour
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Lab Overview:

This hands-on lab provides an Azure administrator with an understanding of how to set up an App Service plan, provision a Web App, and deploy your Web App code using Azure’s Zip Deploy User Interface. You will also learn the basics of autoscaling a Web App. You will learn how to configure auto-scaling, by creating scale-out and scale-in rules, and setting performance-based and time-based scale conditions for your Web App. The skills learned in this lab are beneficial for anyone pursuing a career in network or system administration.

Understand the scenario

You are a system administrator for a company that provides web hosting services for customers. You will provision and configure a Web App for a customer. You will begin by provisioning a Web App and deploying an application to the Web App. Next, you will configure autoscale rules for the Web App. Finally, you will deploy a background process as a Web Job. You are using an Azure Resource Group that contains a preconfigured Storage Account.

Deploy a Web App via the Azure portal:

You will first implement the right kind of App Service Plan for the tasks at hand. The App Service Plan is essentially a container with a specific capacity, where you can host multiple App Services. In this exercise, you will provide a Web App and then learn how to deploy your Web App code using Azure’s Zip Deploy User Interface. This UI allows you to drag and drop a preconfigured zip file, and it will automatically extract and deploy your code for the Web App.

Configure autoscale:

In this lesson, you will learn about the concept of autoscaling, where you can scale-out or scale-in resources based on rules and conditions that you configure. You will configure auto-scaling for a Web App that experiences varied traffic throughout the week and higher traffic over the weekends. You will then test the auto-scale functionality by generating test messages for the Web App on the Azure validation page and then use the Azure portal to verify the autoscaling (out and in) was successful.

Provision a Web Job:

For this task, you will configure your Web App to host a continuous Web Job. Web Job is a feature of the Azure App Service that enables you to run a program or script within the same instance as a Web App, API App, or Mobile App. In this case, you will deploy a preconfigured Web Job, via the Azure portal, that processes queue messages. Once deployed, you will generate and send test messages to ensure that the Web Job functions properly.

Lab Summary Conclusion:

In this hands-on virtual lab, you will learn how to manage an App Service Plan, provision a Web App, configure Auto-scale for a Web App, deploy a Web Job, and test its functionality. This lesson will give you insight into the capabilities of Azure for hosting and managing Web Apps. The skills learned in this lesson are valuable for anyone pursuing a career in network or system administration, and that will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based services.

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