Cyber Security Defensive Tools

The IT Pro Challenge virtual lab Cyber Security Defensive Tools Getting Started Lab introduces the student to defensive tools in Windows and Linux. This will include working with log files and audit permissions.

1 hour
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This guided challenge is ideal for beginner students who want to get familiar with defensive tools in Windows and Linux. It is estimated that the practice lab takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to complete it. This challenge does not require from the students an advanced experience as it comes with detailed step-by-step instructions to follow. During this guided challenge, the students will learn multiple skills: how to use Windows Event viewer, to administer Windows Server log files, to use Windows Defender, to create warning messages using Windows Local Security Policies, and to enumerate permissions on Windows. The students will also learn how to use Logrotate and to check file integrity using md5 checksums In Linux. Furthermore, during the lab, the students will learn how to configure PuTTY for secure SSH connections. The learned skills from this lab are relevant for most career paths, more especially for System Administrator, Network Engineer, Information Security Fundamentals, and Security Operations Center Analyst.

Quick Info:

  • Skills: Windows Server log, Event Viewer, Logrotate, Windows Defender, Windows Local Security Policies, Configure warning messages, Enumerate permissions, AccessEnum, Check file integrity, MD5 checksums, PuTTY, SSH connections.
  • Time limit: 1h15 min
  • Skill level: Guided/Beginner
  • Work roles: System Administrator, Secure Software Assessor, Information Systems Security Developer, Cyber Operator, Security Architect, Network Operations Specialist, Systems Security Analyst.