Design Azure App Service Web Apps

In this IT Pro Challenge virtual lab, you will get hands-on experience using Azure’s Web App Service to build a web-based app. You will practice using the App Service Editor to manipulate a Web App and leverage an external GitHub source repository to store code. This lab introduces you to the scalability and ease of using Azure for your Web Apps.

45 minutes
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Lab Overview:

The Azure Web App service makes deploying and managing web apps quite simple. In this hands-on lab you will use standard Azure capability to set up a web app from a template, create an App Service plan, use the Azure Deployment Center, set up an external repository for deploying code, and learn how to dynamically change your Web App via the Azure portal. You will also see your published Web App, live on the internet.

Understand the scenario

You are an Azure developer for a company that is migrating its primary web app from its on-premise datacenter to Azure. You need to create and deploy an Azure web app from a GitHub source as a proof of concept. You must deploy the source to the web app, then modify and test the configuration using the web app.

Create an Azure web app

You are provided an empty Azure resource group, in which you will create, from template, a new Web App. As part of the creation process, you will set up a new App Services Plan. The App Services Plan is essentially a container with a specific capacity, where you can host multiple App Services. In this exercise, you will build an ASP.NET web app. Within Azure, the App Service supports multiple languages, such as: C# (.NET or .NET Core), PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and even supports Docker containers.

Deploy code from a public GitHub repository

GitHub provides hosting repositories for your source code. In this section, you will first set up your deployment FTP credentials. Then you will learn how to use the App Service Deployment Center to configure an external GitHub repository source, using the App Services Kudu build server, and deploy your ASP.NET sample web page.

Modify and test the Azure web app

Within the Azure portal, you can configure parts of your published web app dynamically. For this task, you will create and configure Application Settings within App Services, to change the title on your sample web page. You will gain experience using the App Service Editor to create a new application settings key and then modify the code of your web app Index page to use the new key as a variable. Applying these changes, you will then be able to dynamically modify your web apps title, without having to make changes to your web app code.

Lab Summary

In this hands-on virtual lab, you will learn how to take advantage of Azure’s web app service to set up and publish a new web app. You will also learn how to use a GitHub source repository for storing your web app’s code, and how to dynamically modify your web app, without having to edit its code. These are basic skills for an Azure developer and administrator. This lesson will provide insight into the benefits and ease of managing Web Apps through Azure.

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