Deploy a Web Job

Deploy a Web Job Guided IT Pro Challenge from Learn on Demand challenges students to provision, deploy, and test an Azure web task. The web task will be deployed to an existing web application. This requires learning the Microsoft Azure Resource group services as well as fundamental web application concepts.

45 minutes
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This guided challenge is suited for students who are comfortable working with the Microsoft Azure Resource group containing a preconfigured Storage Account, Web App, and virtual machine. Some background of programming, cryptography, networking, and system utilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud is resourceful. Lab completion will help students develop skills in setting-up and configuring a Web App and then deploying the Web Job on the cloud to access it securely on the Internet. While also enabling Testing the Web App and the Web Job by the customers and the company both. You will also develop a good understanding of the Azure Resource Group used for configuring an existing Web App to host the Web Job and then deploying the code for the Web Job. These are essential for the Network Operations Specialist and Network Engineer work roles. This lab is beneficial to students on the System Administrator career path.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Configure Web App for Web Job, Deploy and Test Web Job, Microsoft Azure Storage Queue, Microsoft Azure Resource Group.
  • Time limit: 45 min
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: System Administrator, Network Operations Specialist, Cyber Security Engineer.